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  • This website is the result of a rebuild of the original Sweet Maggie's website that was created back in 2013. The new and improved website for Sweet Maggie's Treats boasts full e-commerce functionality and responsiveness across all types of devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones). To facilitate the use of the website it allows clients to register their own personal accounts on the website where they can automatically store a history of previous purchases and their contact details. This personal information is safely stored in the website and is only accessible through password protected access. Having an account makes it easier for clients to know what to order in future by referencing from their old orders in their account. It also speeds up the shopping process as personal details are available on demand when making a new purchase.

    Except for creating greater opportunities for social media optimisation (SMO is the marketing of business through Social Networks), the new website incorporates two social media networks in the form of a Facebook Business page and an Instagram page that allows the business to easily share new posts with photos of food or promotions with clients, thereby retaining clients' interest and keeping them onboard and informed as Sweet Maggie journey unfolds in real time.

    The ability for clients to form part of this business through registration and social interaction helps them feel they belong to something they love. These systems also helps the business to continue to build relationships with new clients while retaining existing clients and fostering friendships, thereby helping the business to keep on growing their client base. This completes the marketing and sales cycle or strategy to attract, convert and retain clientele.

    The colour palette used in the design of the new Sweet Maggie's website includes soft warm colours to pronounce a warm love for good food and the pleasantness that comes from enjoying good food. In short the overall design of the new website focusses on functionality and purpose, and the celebration of good food and sharing that message with clients.

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  • Whether you're a Corporate Organisation, a Small Business or an Individual, we value delivering the same quality service and craftsmanship to you.

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