• Mandurah Peel Convention Centre

  • Designed in March 2017, the Mandurah Peel Convention Centre's (MPCC) website is officially the biggest project Cloudbasix have undertaken. With 57 webpages intricately linked in a multifaceted website to fully represent a very prominent building and business in Mandurah, this website took more than one month to complete. From the start Cloudbasix recognised a clear responsibility and the importance to succeed at correctly and completely representing this business on the internet to clientele without tiring them with too much detail.

    The websites' purpose serves to highlight the business capabilities, offerings and services to clients. Thereafter the website serves to facilitate the process of taking the client through the steps of making a booking, e.g. planning, booking and attending - while keeping the client well informed as the client progresses through the steps to confirm a booking and subsequently enjoying a well planned event or celebration without undesired surprises.

    Technically, the website design also serves to show-off the beautiful surrounding location and architecture of this business, using a significant amount of images and maps throughout the website; including a colour palette that captures the surrounding waterfront, the calmness and beauty of its location and the abstract beauty, colours and lines of the building - many of which the client experienced through his artistic eye and requested to be incorporated into the website.

    The integration of social media into this website using Twitter and Facebook also allows clients to connect with this business to stay updated and be part of this business's journey. These social networks also serve to retain clients' interest and to help the business grow their client base.

    To promote this business effectively on the internet Cloudbasix increased its online footprint or presence through the registration of multiple online business listings with service providers on the internet that specialises in the marketing of venues and/or food venues, such as Eventfinda, Live Guide, Scoop, Word of Mouth, the A List Guide, AGFG, Zomato, Yelp and Tripadvisor. Many of these listings now also allows clients to give feedback of their experiences with the business through ratings and reviews, which in turn provides a honest and transparent view of this business to the general public of its quality of service to clients. These review systems also allow for the engagement of clients as stakeholders to the business, as clients help to highlight risks or issues to the business as it arises. This feedback process helps the business manager to recognise and remove risks or issues for the business and sets the business on a path of continuous improvement to better serve clients.

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