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  • Designed in April 2017 this website was created to serve as a professional and personal blog for a client with a wealth of knowledge in the field of Geology, and which he wants to share with the general public and his professional network.

    During the scoping stage the client requested for this website to inherit the look and feel of the National Geographic website and magazine. To achieve this a matching colour profile was adopted and the homepage of this website was designed to inherit the same approximate properties of the NG website. Similar to National Geographic this websites' homepage was designed to display the most recently published blog posts.

    The website also comes with a supporting sidebar equipped with a fit-for-purpose post category and archive filtering tool. These tools allow readers to easily find desired materials among a wealth of information.

    Blog post categories has also been created to match the clients' preferred filing structure. This predetermined category structure also supports the easy and automatic indexing of future posts published on the website. The overall category structure was also dynamically hardcoded and put on display in whole at the bottom of the homepage. The universal view of the category structure at the bottom of the homepage allows new visitors to easily see the extent of published material on this website. Search boxes are also available in abundance to further help visitors find more specific content.

    This blog site also boasts the incorporation of 'file explorer' windows in some webpages that displays directories and files from the clients' Dropbox storage facility. This arrangement makes it easy for the client to add ore remove content at will without needing to make design changes to the website. The client also have a choice to embed and visually display documents (stored in Dropbox) in blog posts, or to simply link Dropbox files to blog posts. This arrangement also helps to keep the website size small.

    For publishing the client's art drawing collection an image gallery was also incorporated into the website. To personalise the website to its owner, prominent art drawings from the client are put on display at strategically selected locations throughout the website.

    The overall design of the website also aims at making it easy for the client to publish new posts and files, without having to learn complex web design and coding skills. The ease of use of this website serve to motivate the client to regularly publish new material and posts, which in turn improves the SEO for this website.

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