• About

    • We're a creative agency based in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

      Our top priority is to deliver to satisfy and we achieve it by doing the basics right.
      For us that means listening and visualising a clients' requirements using concept web designs prior to starting design work on a new website.
      We offer this service free of charge to everyone.


    • To remain leaders in achieving excellence we maintain a strong focus over the following key areas.

      • Continually optimising and maximising user experience,
      • Continually optimising and maximising our product delivery strategy,
      • 100% customer satisfaction by realising our clients’ vision and exceeding their expectations,
      • Providing a lasting presence through comprehensive after sales support and training.
    • Our strategy follows sound project management principles that helps us help our clients realise the maximum potential of their ideas. Through careful collaboration and exhaustive research we bring to light the most affordable and best possible web designs. The standard of our work serves as a presentation of our capabilities, and our designs testifies to it.

    • To minimise wastage and maximise value we apply Lean thinking. Lean thinking helps us maximise value for our customers through a perfect value creation process that aims at having no waste. Using this process in conjunction with our project management principles provides both, our clients and us with a clear understanding of the costs and deliverables as we progress together through the development of a website towards completion and eventual closeout.

    • We're also committed to applying the right amount of time and effort to produce high quality work and craftsmanship. Before starting a design we do comprehensive front-end loading to eliminate all unknowns so to reduce the risk of costly changes along the way. Your satisfaction of our work is guaranteed because we simply won't close a project until we're happy and we've confirmed your acceptance. Any additional work to achieve absolute perfection is done at no cost to you.
      With your input and our support and expertise we'll continue to produce superior creations every time. Try us, you won't be disappointed.

    • Team

    • Gazza

      Owner & Designer

      0400 015 214

      With more than two decades of industry experience as an engineer through business improvement and managing projects, Gazza is responsible for formulating working strategies for clientele and the business. With boundless creativity emanating from his ADHD disorder, Gazza also possesses naturally strong abilities in art and design which helps him realise stunning creations when used in combination.

    • Hans

      Trainee Designer

      0400 015 214

      A genuine good bloke, Hans possesses a sincere passion when doing his job. Hans's presence in the business is complimented by a genuinely warm personality and an enthusiastic nature. Every business should have a Hans! He currently serves as our learner web designer where he provides input and support to Cloudbasix.

    • Grembot

      Drongo-Bot v1.3

      0123 456 789

      Grembot is our own in-house drongo-bot and mascot, who also serves a lifetime sentence as our go-to-person (or bot) when someone or something needs to be blamed. Without Grembot's mischief our journey would have been pretty boring with no stories to share.

    • Whether you're a Corporate Organisation, a Small Business or an Individual, we value delivering the same quality service and craftsmanship to you.

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